Is she respecting my wishes or did she just not care to begin with?

Broke it off with this girl I was seeing for about a month and a half. She wasn't looking for a relationship but I was so there were some complications there. I found out she was seeing another guy and lying to me about it plus I felt like I was being mislead by her. Prior to all of this though I thought she genuinely cared about me. We went on a trip over the weekend and had a blast and we have a ton in common. She'd offer to pay, gave me gifts and even watched my dog for me. If I didn't respond back to a text fast enough or I showed signs that I was upset, she'd ask me if I was okay. She'd also invite me to meet her family and friends except for the "friend" she was sleeping with.

Anyways when I broke it off with her I told her that I didn't think she could fulfill what I'm looking for. That the more I hung out with her, the more it was hard to accept the fact that she didn't want a relationship. She asked me what I thought we should do and I told her that I think we shouldn't see each other anymore. I also told her I felt used and that I feel like someone else is in the picture (even though I knew) she denied and told me that I was the only one she was seeing. She started to get emotional and told me that I was her best friend and that she hung out with me more than anyone else. Even her saying that I took my things and left saying goodbye and that I'd maybe see her at the climb gym we both go to. As I was driving away she sat on her front porch and started crying.

It's been exactly a week and we haven't talked to one another. I know I was the one who broke things off but I'm kind of bummed she hasn't tried contacting me. Do you think she is respecting my wishes and is holding off on contacting me? Or do think she just didn't care in the first place?


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  • She doesn't care in the first place. She has replaced you with the guy she was cheating on you with.


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  • I think you made a good decision breaking off with her.

    The next step is to delete and block her number.

    It's hard mate breaking it off with women but there are lots and lots of women out there. And your intuition is correct, she didn't care about you in the first place.

    Have you heard of 'hypergamy'?

    You need some introductory websites so PM me if you are interested.


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