Girls, Whould you be upset if I guy you stopped having interest in was willing to fight for your love?

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What Girls Said 3

  • I'll make him pay for wasting my time I guess. If he fight for my love just after someone else offering his love for me, then that is useless. The guy who knew me well, will know it is definite useless to try to come back to me after they decided to throw me like a trash.

    • What if he hadn't done anything like throw you away. You just stopped being interested in him.

    • I might. It is very hard to forget someone (for me) , but there will be something that a man done which will make me completely lost interest. Among them is not being honest, lying all the time even on small matter. This is a big turn off.

  • I'd be flattered and see if we could work something out.

  • I'd be kinda flattered really


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