Is asking my crush to reject me a good idea?

Before you judge me, hear me out. I know it sounds ridiculous so yeah read!!!

My best friend and I have been good friends for about a year. I started developing a crush on him a few months back and as much as I want it, I know I'm not ready for it. (I have had a bad history with relationships and I really don't want a relationship rn) I've been trying to get over him but nothing works. I don't want to stay away from him or let him go as a friend because he stabilizes and helps me (cause I have really enhance emotions). I realized that for most of my life, moving on from a crush required to be rejected. So I was wondering if asking him reject me would be a good idea. Or just confessing.

I know it seems pointless but I want to get over this crush and nothing has really helped. I want to stop being so crazy about him and move on. So please understand the circumstance. Thanks


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  • Or you could just tell him that you had a crush on him, but you can't see yourself in relationships so it won't work out, so all you wanted was to just get if off of your shoulders.

    • Hm, not a bad idea. I'll consider it. Thanks.

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