People who were cheated on, how did you react to your S. O. after you found out? This is a lot of questions, not just one?

People who were cheated on, how did you react to your S.O. after you found out? This is a lot of questions, not just one?1. Were you sad, angry, stunned?
2. How did you confront them? Did you scream at them or talk calmly about it? I want to hear your stories.
3. Did they ever admit to doing it?
4. Did they apologize?
5. Did you forgive them?
6. Could you ever forgive them?
7. Could you ever get back together?
8. Did you get back together?

And those who have been cheated, I forgot to ask:


I think I already know the answer but I want to give you a venue for expressing how being hurt this much would make you never want to hurt anyone in this way.
Would you tell your next S. O. that you were cheated on? If so, how far along into the relationship do you bring it up?


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  • 1. I was sad, hurt and boiling with anger. It also made me feel worthless tbh.
    2. All my life, I've had just one best friend. We both had been BFFs for 7 years. I'd been dating my ex for 2 months then. We had moved in together two weeks ago. So, I come home from college and go straight to the kitchen to have some water. There they are, my boyfriend and my best friend, having sex on the counter. I ran to our room, they came in some minutes, saying how they "can explain". Like there was anything to explain at all. I packed my stuff. I moved out. I didn't speak with either of them.
    She later texted me she was sorry and it just happened and ask that crap. My ex texted me saying he was sorry and this had been going on a day after we moved in.
    3. Didn't need to.
    4. Yeah, but it wasn't genuine.
    5. I don't hold grudges.
    6. I have.
    7. No.
    8. No.
    9. I would never make any one go through the torture of knowing you're not enough. I'd never cheat. It breaks you apart.
    10. My current boyfriend knows. We were friends before this and he was there for me when I was going through the whole being cheated on things, so he already knew.


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  • 1. I was upset and angry
    2. I never confront him because it wasn't worth it. And when I found out I stopped talking to him and blocked him. I never got a apologize and not even of him admitting it.
    5. Yes because I moved on
    6. Yes
    7. No
    8. No

  • 1. Pretty pissed.
    2. He had been emailing the girl about it, so I copied their conversation and forwarded it to his best friend (the boyfriend of the girl he was cheating with). Then forwarded that email back to him with his bestfriends name attached. That's how he found out I knew.

    I probably talked calmy but snotty.
    3. No. He still forever denied it with some story.
    4. Nope.
    5/6. Forgave them, yes. I didn't want to carry around hate.
    7/8. We did briefly before it all fell apart for other reasons. That was that and I would never date them again. I feel so bad for anyone that would.


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  • Personally I just left without saying goodbye as I didn't feel as though they deserved the respect a goodbye has within it. They can live without the knowledge are they taken or not till they finally find me. When I'm probably with another girl and they can feel how it felt to be cheated on. As I love my significant others a lot and trust them a lot. But if you betray my trust and love. I will do what you do to me just that much worse. I dont take kindly to people who abuse the love others give.

    • I would never cheat and dont ever plan on cheating as my love is true none of the false BS. I would make it though clear I got really close friends of both sexes, close enough that we consider one another siblings but nothing more. We like one another on a level where we like to enjoy one anothers company as family but not lovers.

      If anything those friends would just push me and my S. O. to be closer and just poke fun at us like any family members would. lol.

      Basically what I'm getting at is I have a huge fictional family as in we call one another family but were not blood related. Kinda like we all agreed to adopt one another type of thing. I think the best part of having so many friends like that is that we look past the skin color of one another and more towards what makes one another unique.

  • Tossed her ass out... drove her to her parent's house will all her stuff and said "seeya!" Haven't heard from her since.


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