Ex follows/unfollows me on IG. Multiple instances?

She broke up with me. After she tossed me some BS, I had to drop her stuff off at her house and I never contacted her, deleted her everywhere, her family, etc. Pretty much made it look like it never happened because I was done with her BS. Now last year she hit me up asking for help on her car, left her no response. I guess last year she went through a break up and started following me on IG, liking my stuff for weeks, even came to a little meet I organized, until they made up. Could care less. Good for them. Raised my curiosity a bit, but ehh. Now I guess she is single again from what I hear, she followed me again. Liked couple things then unfollow. I am about to just message her straight up asking what does she want because it's getting creepy, and I feel like the whole block them thing is childish.
We have been broken up for a year plus. I kept no contact at all.


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  • If you really don't want to talk to her then block her. I don't think thats childish if you really want her out of your life. You're not doing it for petty reasons. If you want to talk to her about it then go ahead, then you can clear things up and if you want, explain you don't want to talk to her or be friends. But I don't think blocking her is childish.

    • Yeah, I think it's best for me just to ask her straight up. I got no hard feelings against her.

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    • Still didn't ask her. Don't know why lol. Don't even know if it's even worth starting a conversation with her.

    • If it's really bothering you then it might be worth starting the conversation but if not maybe its best to just leave it be and forget about it.

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  • she trynna get your attention sometimes no matter who you are with or how long you didn't see each other you're still gonna think of that person because of the good time you had together

    • I realized that. I just don't even know if it's worth asking her what's up or iust leave it.

    • well if it didn't work once i don't think it's worth trying

  • emotional rollercoaster.


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