How do I move on?

I broke up with my Boyfriend just a few days ago. We were together for no less than 12 years on/off. We had problems (trust issues, substance abuse), so I know it's for the best. But I broke up with him so many times and always ended up going back to him. I seem to be addicted to him. How do I break free from him? How do I move on? What should I do to forget him? Thanks, everyone


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  • When a person needs to move on, most of the effort and determination comes from her. What you can do is:

    1) Cut off contact with him. Without contact, you will have lesser chance to get back to him. You will have no chance to talk to him.

    2) Resist the temptation. . . of wanting him. It's normal to think of him often or miss him. But once you start resisting yourself to want him whenever you think of him, slowly this person will be out of your mind. You will start to think of him lesser.

    3) Ignore him. It always happen that when you tried to forget him, he comes back to you. Stop giving him any chance to get to you. Tell yourself that since you have already put in the effort to forget about him, why waste the effort and start it all over again. So the best is to ignore him and shut him out. It will make him give up.

    4) Have your own life. Gain some support from friends. Hang around with other people. Do some things to occupy your mind. It works. When you get back to the life of being single, most likely you are back on track. Since you have been attached for so long on and off, you might forget how it feels like being single. It's a good time for you to once again, open your chances of meeting more guys and knowing what you need in a guy. This will help you move on.

    All the best!

    • Thank you so much, I really appreciate your input!

  • go out and meet new people, find a new guy and learn what kinds of things you like about the new guy more than that guy. don't fall for the new guy just to get over the old one, but definetely go on a mission to find what you really want in a guy. the best way to do that is to go out and taste different flavors to know what you really like. Seems like you really don't like this guy to break off with him so many times. Once you know what you really really like (youknow? someone who works, treats you like a lady, and who dosen't abuse drugs etc), then maybe you can tell him that. if he chagnes and become the person you like then you're golden, if not, there are plenty of fishes in the sea! just remember... there's someone better out there for you! you have to have hope! and hang out with friends, do stuff that you like... good luck

    • Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it!

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