My boyfriend is freaking nice to me but he gets too close to other girls without considering my feelings (read details). should I break up with him?

by freaking nice i mean, he does small things like buying stuff i like when we meet up. every morning i have school at 8:30 so i gotta leave home at 7:30. he wakes up at 6am, takes an hour to travel by bus to my house, send me to school, then take a bus back home that takes 1 and a half hour. in the afternoon, he does the same thing and brings me home from school. but he is constantly too close to girls. once, he was on call with a girl for I don't know how many days (around a month or more?) straight. they called daily. and he even lied to me and said he was going to sleep when instead he called her. we fought, they broke off all contact, he apologized and said he won't lie again. this time it happened again. he has been talking to this girl on the phone for 2 days, first day 6pm to 4am, second day, 12pm to 5pm. the reason why 2 days ONLY is because i found out today on the 2nd day. and they only started talking again 2 days ago (they are old friends). the thing is they talk for SO LONG and never did he consider how i would feel if my boyfriend talked on the phone this long to another girl. tbh i already broke up with him bcos i was so annoyed that he doesn't seem to care about my feelings. but is my decision wrong? should i get him back?
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guys why does HE deserve better when he was the one who treated me like shit. he called a girl for SO LONG (10 HOURS?) for 2 days. he did that last time too. has he thought about how I'll feel as his girlfriend when my boyfriend calls a girl for so damn fucking long. longer than we ever do meet or call. and yesterday right after we broke up, he called that girl for hours again. who deserves better?


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  • I think you may patch up things and just be his friend, and find why he prefers to the other girl.. after all he is your good friend, and good friends can act as a mirror to us... without knowing you or him it is not possible to say you certainly deserve better, but probably you do deserve better! so keep friendship with him, at the same time it is of know harm if you mix up with others.. ;-)


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  • I think he is a nice guy and he seems to really be in love with you. I talking to these girls because he feel lonely because you might be busy a lot. If you try to talk to him more maybe he will stop talking to them. Also if they are just talking as friends and not flirting then its ok, would be the same as him to a guy

    • i talk to him A LOT

    • Well I don't know... maybe he just wants to have friends and reconnect with old ones. Get back with him. he seems to really care and I'm sure he would take you back. See why he needs all this attention from them.

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  • He's a nice guy. He just wants to spread the love. You're lucky to have him.

  • He deserves better.

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    • but he DID hurt me by not considering my feelings and taking to another girl for so long

    • Please patch up with him. He could be innocent.

  • You just sound like a spoiled and pampered brat. He certainly deserves better.

    • how am i a pampered brat. I've NEVER asked him to bring me to school or anything before, sometimes i strongly refuse because he needs rest but he insists. and im a brat for wanting to break up with him? have you read the whole thing? he called another girl for 10 HOURS without thinking how hurt I'll feel and the next day he called her AGAIN the moment he woke up. he didn't even text me much because he was busy with her. and yesterday right after we broke up, he called her for hours again. who deserves better.

  • You forgot the option 'he deserves better'.


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