What to do with a annoying guy?

i have a friend... kind off. 98% of all the time we ever spent together he is talking about shit. It doesn't interests me and it is all about 4 themes. every weekend the same always those bullshit about weapons and drugs and stuff. I am not interested in that i habe told him maybe 20-30 times but he can't Stop this.
yesterday he wrote me some facts wo are simply not the real what has happened and he seems to be angry at me just because of bis stupid brain that doesn't works like normal ones. I think he can't depent between reality and his nightmares.

I don't even know why he is my friend.
3 years ago he has cancer and he turned into an computer who always habe to blow out stupid facts nobody Cares about.
should i end friendship?


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  • Maybe you can talk about another subject yourself

    • but he never let me talk. since 10 years he ever talked much

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    • yes I broke up with him. It wasn't a friendship any longer :( the last three years were to heavy

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  • I wouldn't end friendship but I would talk to him and tell him my opinion. Think you should do that. I think he would rather calm down with all the 'shit' than loose your friendship.


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