Have you ever dated a rebound for longer then a few months? if so why n what made you realized that where a rebound?

My first rebound lasted 6 month's... I stayed with her for long because I had feeling for her but confused them for love.


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  • I just realised I was a girl's rebound this week. She said she couldn't see me because she wasn't ready to date seriously since she's still trying to get her shit sorted out, but genuinely really likes me and wishes we met months after than what we did. We only dated for like 3 weeks, but everything was going so freaking well and she was so into me. I've never had a girl go from that hot to that cold over night, it was so confusing. It's over now, but we left it on really good terms and she told me wanted to keep in touch in case things change in the future. This sucks, I feel so led on and want to move on with my life and date other girls but I have this hope that she'll come back and it's keeping me from moving on even when I really want to and when I know it's the right thing to do.

    • Trust me never wait on her if it went to be it till happen till then keep dating.

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