Why does my ex still text me?

I tried removing her from social media but it's useless. She always finds a loophole in order to contact me. Every time she texts me I don't open the text at all and ignore it. But I have a temptation to read it and text her. It's getting on my nerves because it just reminds me of her breaking my heart. She broke up with me three years ago because supposedly I was cheating on her even though she was the one who had sex with another guy ( which I found out a month after the breakup) I know that she has a new boyfriend, why would she still contact me?


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  • Just block her. You don't need that nonsense in your life.

    • I always try 😪 but like I said it's useless. I guess I'll have to erase all my social media accounts and create new ones under different names

    • No, just google "how to block someone on x"

      And if she's still bothering you tell your parents.

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  • She misses you. And wants you to show her attention. Just keep ignoring her and hopefully she will get the picture. I blocked my ex because he wants sex from me but does not want a relationship. So pretty much wasting my time. No time to be used and having him around me with his negative draining energy. So I cut him off. You have to do whats best for you


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