Relationship problem?

So where i start.. Yesterday he had a fight with my girlfriend. it was all my fault and she was so angry told me " end " and left. she broke me up and i didn't even had the chance to say something back.. i text her that i respect her decision and said goodbye. later on that night i got a text that she told me she didn't mean it she said it because she was angry and that i am right if i dont want her anymore she wouldn't want me too if she was in my position and said also that she wants me and it was beautiful as long as it lasted and closed with a bye. So what now does she wants me? if so why she said it was beautiful as long as it lasted and goodbye i mean if she had regret it she wouldn't said that in the end... Im very confused whether she wants me or not please help


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  • she wants you and loves yo. she just said that last thing because if her pride. she doesn't want to cone across as needy and wants you to give her an obvious sign you still love her and want her.. ;) girls are like this.. just text her back. that is what she wants.

    • girls say one thing when they are mad and 99% dont mean it. and sometimes they take extreme actions , just like your girlfriend, and say lets end it.. just text her back :)

What Guys Said 1

  • well, this would be how I'd do it
    1. address the issue that was argued upon (make sure to listen to each other, and ask if she won't. if she straight up won't listen to you, she needs to learn to respect others first)
    2. be open and set up ways to talk about future arguements. if it was about something small, it's not to break up over.
    3. be more skeptical if you enter a relationship with her. if she becomes manipulative, call her out on it. put yourself first


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