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Met up with my ex had a great evening small cuddling no big problem said she wanted to meet again then just no contact from her after Isent her a sms saying must do it again have a great day is she playing hard to get should Input NO CONTACT in action again,help please

come back at me Trihill I must be missing something
Like I said met up, now she is giving me the cold shoulder I don't think this lady Knows what she wants Would like a comment from a lady please to get a female view c mon girls read the full Question


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  • She is trying to use you as a cushion and to ease off of you slowly. It's like both of you in the middle of the ocean, but instead of the both of you drowning she wants you to help her to shore. She KNOWS that you are there waiting for her, so you just need to move on. Women do this all the time. She is trying to put you in the friend zone. Don't contact her again, start dating other girls.


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  • She doesn't know what she wants. If she was the one who broke up with you, then had this wonderful evening, chances are she's rethinking the break up, or doesn't want to get sucked back in, so she's backing off.

    Give her her space and let her figure it out.


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  • key word here, she's your ex...that means something so why hook up? she's probably frustrated and trying to figure out what just happened...

    • Come back at me again Trihill Imight be slow in this dept

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    • In that case, she's pondering about whether it's too soon depending on when you recently took a break from each other...she's wondering if she still needs space...how much time she needs depends on what it was that wanted her to take time off...

    • Cheers TriHill that makes me think I need to give her space ie no contact or very very little

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