Is Hooking up with my ex a good idea?

I hooked up with my ex after 2 years. & he is still with his girlfriend of 2 years. I also have a boyfriend of 1 year. But we've been cold & apparently not compatible in bed.
At first I thought it was just a catch up but things happened because I still have feelings for him & I think he also feel the same way coz he said he still think about me.
I wasn't expecting the hook up because from the past he told me he hates cheating. & now I'm confused. What did just happened?
He told me that there's been fighting with the girlfriend & the girlfriend is on holiday & when she comes back she's goin to move in at his place. That is more confusing. But I thought the girlfriend is on a student working visa. So she might really need help financially reason for moving in.
can someone help enlighten me. I still have feelings for him. But I'm not sure what did just happened between us.


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  • i mean yeah thats pretty shitty that u cheated on your boyfriend of a year and here he is probably thinking you love him i feel bad for that guy why do so many women have to cheat?

    • I don't really feel the love from my boyfriend. We both wanted the baby & tried ivf. Then he changed his mind. & even moving in together is a big question.

    • you should be honest your word is the only thing u really have you dont have to tell him your messing around but you should break it off to avoid misleading him

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