How do I break it off with this guy?

I've been dating this guy, he's 32 he's an account and he's a nice guy, though we hardly ever talk anymore and I dunno. I feel bad because I've got depression and anxiety so I can't always be happy for him. and he makes me feel so small everytime I come to him with problems just saying "it's OK, it'll pass you'll get over it!" and not trying to actually help at all? I dunno Maybe that bit is just me.
but now, I went to visit my best friend I've know for 6 years over the Internet and it sparked some feelings I'd buried because I thought nothing would happen between us. long story short we both revealed we've like each other on and off for years and the flirting has increased.
Now my problem is I feel guilty, BUT I've tried to break it off with the first guy before right after the visit with the second.. but guy 1 guilt tripped me out of it.. and now I don't know how to break it off with him.


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  • one for the problems you have little things can seem very big trust me I know I share the problem and if he's regular there's so much you can do for people like us and it's easy to feel distant all the time I feel it too like and emptiness and you have good things around you but it doesn't help because there's a problem inside of us you should really try to sit down and discuss your turmoil tell him how you're feeling about yourself and the relationship before just ending it cuz it's hard to find someone who can handle what we bring to the plate don't let the darkness inside of you win and make you feel less it's hard and easy to say just try I got your back

    • When I initially tried to break it off with him I did bring up the stuff about him making my problems feel small but after him guiltily me out of breaking it off I told him I wanted to try and make it work. He said ok and didn't talk to me for a couple days but now he acts like nothing happened and with each passing day I just feel more and more helpless because I'm to anxious to confront him about anything and I just really don't see any future in the relationship.. I'll see if I can get the courage to bring some of this stuff up again and see if he'he'll actually talk about it. I just don't see it going anywhere.

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    • thank you, you've helped a lot

    • no problem and God bless

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  • Maybe you should get some help with your depression and anxiety before you decide anything. Those things could kill you before you get the chance to decide who you want as your boyfriend. I would talk to your current boyfriend and ask him why he is acting like that (talk to him in person!), then see how it goes from there. Good luck!

    • I have medicine and things for my depression and see a therapist pretty regularly. it's just when I get in some of my moods or when certain things trigger it he sort of pushes it aside and makes it seem small yknow? where as guy 2 has always tried to help..

    • Yeah. I would still talk to him first. Maybe he has some problems too and just does not want to tell you because it could trigger you?

    • Maybe, I'll ask him about it. Depression aside though I just don't see a future with this guy and can't break it off. Last time I tried he guilt tripped me back into it and it's just super frustrating because my anxiety peaks everytime I try now. :/

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  • He's 32? And you're 18? Wtf he's a pedo!

    • he's not a pedo.. we're both of consenting age and I'd initiated it with him.

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