How have you healed from unrequited love? A broken heart?


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  • ... yeah... lol
    I guess the best thing is really to get yourself back out there. get involved with friends, the community, video games, work, whatever. stay active, and drive thoughts of the other out of your mind by not letting them be an important part of your life. make your life mean more than just one person. be positive about your future. set yourself some goals. move forward and upward with your life. if the love or list was unrequited, then obviously they were not the one for you. make yourself a better person, not for them, but for you. go to the gym, take classes, go to an amusement park. become the person who you want to be, and once you are happy to be yourself, others will want to be with you as well. it's an amazing magnetic effect, and it's completely real. SMILE. Have you seen the cute girls that smile constantly and everyone flocks to them and wants to be around them. it's because that externalized happiness and positivity are contagious and everyone wants a piece of that. be that person. smile, constantly. practice your smile in the mirror. be happy. if you can't, then look happy. even if you have to pretend to be happy, eventually you'll get so used to pretending to be happy, that it'll become the truth. even if it's not through your own efforts, you will attract other happy people, and their happiness will rub off on you.

    • I appreciate your well thought out and helpful reply. Nothing hurts worse than unrequited love. I'll do my best to move forward, thank you for your advice.

    • I'm happy to help.

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