Do you think karma on an ex is real? My whole whole life has improved since I broke up with my ex and I wonder if that would make someone bitter?


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  • I don't know about an ex but I think karma is real - especially for the religious. For example - I was hoping that my friend / acquaintance would get a lower mark on the assignment because I was upset at her for not doing her share of the work when we did a group project together and the following week I got an 80% on my weekly quiz and for every weekly quiz I've had so far and I've always gotten 100. Also I had a dream I would get an 80 instead of 100 on quiz 9 the week before I got an 80 instead of a 100. To me God is saying - don't wish for bad things to happen to others - even if they treat you poorly.

    • I felt like my ex wished I would fall on my face and my life took a huge turn for the better. It almost seemed like things worked out to pefertectly and in such a short period of time to just be chance

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    • I still care and hope she is doing ok but I don't check what she is doing or reach out. I became super rich after our breakup which is he reason for my original post. I do still care but I feel like sometimes moving on and letting go is the best action.

    • Well in the end you gotta do whats best for you. Follow your own advice then and move on and not worry or think about how she's taking it...

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  • I don't believe in the concept of karma. There is no mystical force that brings about justice. There are only our actions which determine our path. If we do bad things then it stands to reason that sooner or later we will have bad outcomes. If we learn lessons and improve then there is a better chance that we will have better outcomes.


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  • I would be happy for my ex not bitter. I'd hope he was better off... that's the point of breaking up in my opinion so you both can be better off in the long run...

    • Do you feel that is the thought process for most women?

    • the ones I know yes... it would matter how long they were broken up for some but yeah. I mean isn't that the goal of the breakup anyway?

    • I agree with you that I hope the best for my exes but I think most people do not think the same way. I am friends with all of my other exes besides this person and I don't think we will ever speak again. It was a really long relationship that just fell apart.

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  • it is real and it sucks its been way more years than i can count since i had a relationship with how much f a jerk i was with the girl i was with and i do wonder when this streak will end lol


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