Ex says extremely hurtful things?

This past weekend I went out with a group of new friends to ride quads. The group includes a guy who seems like he is interested in me, but I don't reciprocate the interest. I've told my ex about him, and about my weekend, because we're still friends.

But he got drunk, and called me accusing me of sleeping with this guy or another guy, saying I was a "F***ing slut" I tried convincing him that I did NOT sleep with anyone! (because I really haven't!) I haven't even kissed anyone else, etc. We've been broken up about a month.

But he went on and on insisting I was lying and nothing I could say would convince him otherwise.

Eventually he said "F*** you, I hope you F*** everyone because you're a f***ing slut and I never want to ever talk to you again because I f***ing HATE YOU!" and hung up.

It was really hurtful to hear that from someone who claims to still love you and be your best friend.

It **really** upsets me that he is so convinced that I am lying, when I'm NOT!

He said I "crossed the line" by going camping with that guy. But I don't see how, because I went with a group of friends, and he has no control over what I do since we're not even together anymore.

I really don't want to lose him, but after something like that, I guess its inevitable.

Can anyone help explain why he acts like this? and if it's at all possible to prove to him that I'm telling the truth to salvage our friendship/relationship?

Any input is greatly appreciated...



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  • Why even put up with this? This is not how a "best friend" should act.

    You will never "convince him" because he's jealous and hurt. His goal is solely to hurt you as much as he feels he has been hurt.

    Honestly I would remove this person from my life because it's clear friendship just isn't possible.


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