My Ex of whom I broke up with a year ago still messages me even though he's with a new girl. Help me, what is going through his head?

The guy is so far the love of my life, we got along like a house on fire, we was in love and in love with eachother. We went out for 3 months however when we we're younger we dated for a few months until i found out he was messaging other girl's, i ended it. Then in feb 2016, we started dating again and it was like we had never broken thing's off. We saw eachother 4 times a week or more, constantly together, i went abroad for 2 week's and he missed me so badly that the day i flew home, we saw eachother straight away. Then at the end of April, i got a message from a girl asking me if i had been seeing him, obviously i said yes and she told me that he had been texting her for months and there was a few other details. I was heartbroken, i still cannot get over him, everyone i have dated since has not come close to him, i'm not comparing people to him but i just can't find that level of love. Throught the past year he still message's me, however now he has a girlfriend and he still messages me and the other day he said "you never know" hinting about the future. I felt bad so i told him that he should stop messaging me out of respect for his new girlfriend, however the smallest excuse he still pop's up. What doe's all this mean? doe's he want me back? or is just trying to mess with my head?


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  • He doesn't know what he wants, he wants everything. If he wanted you exclusively then he had that, but it wasn't enough for him. Now that he's with this other girl it seems that she's not enough for him either, but that doesn't mean that you are. This guy just does what he wants and keeps everyone else right where he wants them. I don't see how any of that is good for you, or for his girlfriend. You both want a guy who knows what he wants and sticks to that.

    Love is a two way street and is based on someone being worthy of love. This guy is not proving himself to be worthy of love.


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  • Some guys do that


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