My ex broke up with me yesterday says he wants to be friends and may date in the future but may not be very soon future but could be?

My ex broke up with me over text he is 26. He said he honestly wasn't sure if we were a day in the future He said if we did he didn't see it being in the very soon future but he said it may be in the soon future because things happen He said he broke up with me over text because he didn't want to meet me and break up and then I drive home upset he said he would be worried I would wreck he made a comment before we broke up a couple months ago that if we broke up he would want to be friends with benefits I told him he was funny and he said he wasn't kidding Despite what it may seem he is a very good person and he is very sweet he is actually not like many guys and I can promise you that He said he still has feelings for me and that we should take a few days to not contact each other and then try to be friends again He knows I want to be more than friends so why would he want to be just friends what is he thinking am I a back up? He doesn't talk to many girls at all in fact I think he talk to one girl the whole time we dated for seven months and it was his best friend since seventh grade. Last time we almost broke up he said he definitely wanted to be friends and we may date the future now he saying he honestly doesn't know if all day in the future and that if we did he didn't think it would be very soon future but he could be soon because things happen what is he thinking? Am I backup? He said he still has feelings for me thanks y'all this is his first serious and longest relationship


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  • You will not remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it and you will not reconcile and ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after. He's only saying those things to keep you on the back burner so he can use you when he can't find someone else. Then when someone "better" comes along he'll dump you again. This is over completely and permanently so get over it and him and get on with your life without him. You can do much better

    • Why would he say 'I might see us dating in the future, but if we do not the very soon future, but it could be soon because you never know and things happen' why would you say that 24 hours after breaking up with me?

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    • His best friend growing up, /: we were talking and he told me 'Give him some time and see where things go' his mom told me 'give it some time he may come around' it really isn't helping me at all

    • It's not going to happen

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  • If he still got feeling for you, he wouldn't break up and talk about "mabye the future" You can't just wait and see because "maybe". People mostly take a pause to get their head clear. I think you should move on and if you are okay with the "friends with benefits" thing, then shure, go ahead. But dont do it if you still really love him, it will only make u confused. Dont hold on to him I say.


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  • Sounds like a load of crap. Usually when someone says that we can remain friends and we can possibly date again it means they are either thinking of being with someone else, have someone in mind or they already are with them. There just trying to keep you attached in a never ending state of guessing what is going on. Just cut him loose, because in the long run you will not even be friends.

    • And why in the world would you make me guess if you have no intentions on being with me? I honestly thought he was a better guy than that because for 6 months he was.

    • Some people do that crap thinking they can leave someone and try something with another person and the person they were with to begin with will be there waiting for them if they aren't happy with person number 2.

  • sounds like he wants to keep u on a string

    • Thank you I was afraid of that so is that for the reason if he doesn't find someone else, he'll try to date me again? That's not fair to me

    • yes I think soo

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