Signs that a girl shows when she likes someone?

could I know the signs that a girl shows when she likes someone ,

can it end after showing it or just angered ? it s easy to reply and great to me because it driving me crazy


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  • When I like someone I care about him,i get jealouse when he's with his other gfs,worry about him if he is one of my friends. If he were someone who ididn't know,i look at his eyes alot,i bite my lip like what the other girl said.

    I Smile when he looks at me.

    I get shy when he talks to me.

    All girls are not the same


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  • Well when I like someone I usally giggle, look away,bite my lip, and look stright in his eyes and listen to them.

  • i bite my lip laugh at alll the dumb jokes smile at him look at him in the eyes and I get really shy around him


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