How did you ever become the better & happier person that you want to be?

My relationship has made me become depressed. Think I've been depressed for a long time n my crazy unsatisfied relationship has made it like this. I rarely do anything for myself anymore lately I feel really lazy n no motivation and I hate it.


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  • First thing I want to stress is people cannot MAKE YOU feel anything. It is how you feel that makes the difference. So no matter who or what any situation is you are choosing to be affected by that all on your own. So setting blame aside I have your answer from my own experience.

    I use to be lost and felt alone no matter who I was with or around. I did the same thing blaming and justifying the reasons why I felt the way I did.
    I became a happier person by surrendering all of me good and bad to whom ever Created all of this surrounding us. I choose to call that GOD.
    I was at a very life changing crossroads in my life. I needed to make a decision to either stay in my muck, give up, or surrender. I don't even know if I made the decision really. I was so lost and hurt full of misery I was crying uncontrollable I hit my knees and raised my hands and Yelled out "HELP ME!" I wasn't totally sold on the God concept of the time but I was out of options. I surrendered and felt an intimidate exhale of all the weight and burden leave me. That very second I felt like everything was going to be OK and I never felt alone since.
    A new purpose overflowed and my mind cleared replaced with inspiration and strong desire to do what I needed to make the changes needed.
    People are human and that is the best we are ever going to be ON OUR OWN !

    My awakening helped me do what I needed to do for myself. After turning my life around I gave people a chance to be human. remarkably some people changed or was it my perception? Some didn't change but once I knew it wasn't me and stopped focusing on what they need to change my perception was much more clear on what I was willing to surround myself with.

  • Well.. in my case... i drink lol... a LOT.
    How did i come better and happier... simple.. i found the root of my problem..(parents) and i cut their bitch asses outta my life. You need to find your root.
    Know how they say you can cut weeds and they grow again... dont just cover it up.. find the roots. Once you find this, moving on is easy... thing is..(and people dont tell you this) the memories still haunt you.
    Im available to help if you want... hell, i'd like to share war stories.


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