He did it again?

My now ex boyfriend of 7 months told me he not sure if he loved me again !!! This is the second time he's done it and the first time he tells me it's a mistake and he loves me so we got back together, he told me he was in love with me and now knows how he feels , the weekend he was loveable hugging kissing very affectionate towards me , then today we are in bed kissing then he tells me he's not sure if he loves me again !!! I was upset I've had enough I lost my temper told him to get out of my house ! I grabbed his phone and threw it and chucked all his clothes outside of my house and told him to get lost !! I'm angry and I'm feeling numb how do I get threw this
He's on new antidepressants and his sister has told me he has manic episodes


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  • You sound quite stressed and you have a reason to be. It sounds a lot like he has been toying with your emotions. I would try as much if I were you to separate yourself from him as it just seems like you both are quite frustrated from the experience. It is completely up to you on what you do but I personally feel that it is a relationship that will have quite a few bumps. If you give yourself time to relax and space from him it should help. He can come back and say he loves you but it might be a ploy. Unless you are okay with feeling this way again I wouldn't let him back in your life.


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  • Why did he feel the need to randomly state that he doesn't love you? Whether he's on antidepressants or not it sounds like he has no ceuth. I would move on

    • Last tv he was holding my hand telling me he loved me and we are good together then today we was watching tv laughing normally and I made him breakfast it's his birthday tomorrow and I said I'm looking forward to seeing him again I brought him his bday present on Saturday he loved it because he chose it and then we went to lay down on the bed and he went quiet I said are you ok and then he said what he said :( I'm feeling very alone

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    • Sounds like he must have something else going on in his life but considering he's done this before, it must be part of his personality. Sounds like you need to worry with making yourself happy and finding a man who's more appreciative :) best of luck

    • Thank you Chanel 😊

  • don't take him back ever again

  • Don't give a f*ckkk


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