Is he Really not over his ex?

They were together two years and it s been 8 months since they have been broken up. Recently they saw each other for the first time on Valentine's Day and I found out he took her out to dinner 2 times, they made out and he took her to his house to see his mom and dad. I
found out they didn't have sex but they were physically flirting with each other and he really wants to have sex with her. He also asked for her mothers number. And also to mention he still has her clothes in his house and still has her nightstand and lamp I see it when I am with him. He told her he still loves her and is still in love with her when they both got drunk together. Is he really not over her? I thought he liked me but he told her that he doesn't like me and never even wanted to talk to me. And why would a guy keep his ex girlfriends clothes and stuff in his house after they broke up? (She told him to throw everything away when they broke up but he didn't) Is it a way of not letting go of her? Please be blunt I need the truth! Thanks


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  • it's simple. he is still in love with his ex, he isn't over her and still wants her


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