My ex is being a jerk?

So my ex broke up with me 3 days ago and I texted him post breakup that I feel
his decision to break up is slightly premature as he's afraid that he doesn't know me well enough and he doesn't want any commitment. So I told him if he wants, we can get to know each other better first before going into anything and from what I know, he seems good enough to me to try more. And all he replied was, "you're a great girl. But get a grip, you're not good enough for me". I thought that was unnecessarily rude even if it's true and I feel so affected by what he said.


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  • yeah he was a jerk and he probably won't be happy with any girl when he gets my age he will regret it trust me on that lol

    • Ahaha!! Thank you!! Yes, he has commitment issues and he gas never been in a relationship before me. I have no idea what he's looking for.

    • well till he finds it no girl will. but he needs to be careful before he does end up like me lol.

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  • Leave his ass. He's not worth it. Usually if he says you're not good enough for me, means that I'm higher than you and you're lower than me. Aka, I'm better than you. Leave his ass. If he can't appreciate u, and you as a person, and your quirks, leave him. He sounds like he doesn't know what he wants. Leave him.

    • He's your ex for a reason.

    • well, he did appreciate how I am. He thinks I'm amazing and beautiful. I have no idea what his problem is. He broke up with me because of a stupid dream he had that he was running away from me. He also has never been in a relationship before me and dated a lot of girls he doesn't like after one date.

    • Wow. You are beautiful, but it's sad he called u beautiful rather than intelligent. Women should be called intelligent and clever before being called beautiful. Not saying you or women shouldn't be called that, but the mind is a lot more important than looks. Says a lot about someone. He's playing games with you, from what it seems bc you don't know what or who he is. He's probably not ready...

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  • Yes that was kinda rude. However he is just emphasing too how over the relationship is.

    • I realise that, but he doesn't have to say it in that way. Making me feel shitty about myself.

    • No he didn't. But that is what former boyfriend do. Most become assholes or show their true colors after the fact.

  • he's arrogant. I don't think you'd wanna be with him anyway after that. would you?

    • No I don't, thank you though. I just don't like that I feel so affected by it.

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    • Ahahaha!! That's funny. Thank you so much. =)

    • You're welcome!

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