Husband was trying to make me jealous over the phone?

Was he trying to get on my nerves cause he was and i balled my eyes out after he hung up on me. than he apologizes 3 days later saying i apologize if i hurt you? i didn't reply cause it was unexpected behavior. when i asked him what was that shit you did the other day and he said he was just playing i was bored.
i wish if he really did mean it he would done more than a text ugh


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  • what exactly did he do

    • i didn't hear from him a day so fuck i texted than i called 5 hours later and he wouldn't answer and finally answered and said what do you want said im busy bye without me even saying anything i know what he did was wrong fucking cell communication now only because but he said i got to go and said i m on a date. and i was like with who and i dont know if he could hear the voice i was just dieing and probably sounded like a pussy that cares and was really hurt i drove in my car balling like the end of the world how hurt i was i have now not even spoken to him weeks because that bullshit was to get me jealous and prob harassing me and just being a 29 pussy. help

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