How can I get over being led on by a girl?

This girl and I are in college and we've been hooking up, not sexually. We would just make out at parties. The first time was at a party before winter break. At that party she gave me her number and we started talking and we got to know each other. At this point I did like her as a friend more than as a romantic partner. So a month after we got back from winter break we met at a party and we hooked up again. After this time we started heavily flirting. We would hook up at parties at least one day on the weekend for the next month. After the last time we hooked up I told her I wanted to at least be exclusive with one another. We talked once before about what we wanted and we both didn't know however we agreed that we weren't opposed to having something more with one another. She told me she wasn't ready to commit so I told her I have to stop hooking up with her then because I have feelings for her. The thought of her being with other guys was too much for me to deal with. We are still friends and we still talk but now I feel heartbroken because I want to be with her and she doesn't want to commit to me. It was only a few days ago that I told her we have to stop. I just feel upset and I don't know how to deal with this. Did I do the right thing and any advice on how to move on?


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  • I think you did the right thing. It will save you from even more pain. To move on, it might be a good idea to distance yourself from her. It's cool that you're still friends but it's hard to let go of romantic feelings when you still talk to that person often. Give yourself the time and space you need without worrying about losing her as a friend. If she is a real friend, she'll understand.


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