Why did he leave me? Does he even still love me?

late in 2016 i met a great a guy through a friend of We met, and went out, and started dating, ] we were together for about 6 months and things were amazing my friends loved him, i loved his friends i met his family. About 3 month told me he loved me, we talked about getting a place together and every weekend we would spend the entire weekend together. Believe it or not he and i never had a serious fight, sure we had a couple 5 min spats when one of us was cranky but we usually would quickly realize one of us was being a douche and we'd make up. When winter started things changed he stopped texting me which he usually always texted and called me first thing every morning before he left for work, when i did talk to him i could tell he wasn't himself, even his relatives told me that he was acting very cold, which is extremely unlike him.. I gave him some space and called him less thinking he was under a lot of stress. than about a month later he called and said "i dont want to do this but i have to i can't explain it right now, but i will one day. and if it's ok with you maybe in a month or so we can reconnect and see if we can pick up where we left off. "i have to go i'm sorry" i could hear his breathing change and i said "i love you. No matter what i love you." and he said "i know you do... I love you too, goodbye" I never heard from him again, my best friend has seen him a couple of times and he has never mentioned me or ask about me, just the other day she was talking with him, and she mentioned me and he got quiet and would not look up at her. I still miss him a lot and i just dont understand what went wrong, and more so why hasn't he asked about me, why won't he even acknowledge people talking about me? I know he wasn't married or anything like that he lived alone and i was there all the time. I've thought about reaching out to him to get some sort of closure, but i'm not sure i'm ready for that. Thoughts? Should i just give up on he and i ever having a second chance?


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  • If he left you, maybe not


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