Does my ex still care?

My ex and I dated for 3 years before breaking up 2 years ago when I moved away. The breakup was mutual and we stopped talking, both got into new relationships, and -- now each single -- recently saw each other for the first time since our breakup at a get together with mutual friends. We joked about the past and apologized for things. I tried ending the convo a few times, but she stuck around me all night. She mentioned she still cares about me and hasn't found anyone as good as me since we broke up. I've tried texting her since we saw each other but she takes a while (20-45min) to reply and doesn't text me first or try to initiate a conversation. Does she still care? Would she consider getting together again?


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  • Actions speak louder than words. That being said, she did say she still care about you, although it doesn't mean that she meant it. Maybe try to meet up with her again and see what she's like in person? She might just feel weird texting after so long apart. Or you could wait to see if she'll text you to see how much she cares. Just go with how she makes you feel.

    • She isn't one to lie, especially about emotions or feelings... and others have commented they think she knows she made a mistake. I might play the waiting game.

    • Don't wait too long. Where you're waiting for her to message you, she could be waiting for you to message her. Not saying go crawling back, but if you do want to talk then definitely don't miss the opportunity to do so for the sake of waiting. I think the best course of action would just to try to establish a friendship first, if you're not entirely sure about a relationship that is. It could allow you to see how committed she is.

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    • Thanks -- only thing is that information says they aren't talking about someone who moved away... which is what happened in our situation. breakup came due to one of us relocating

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