Why does my ex act like she hates my guts?

Long story short: We had a really lustful and passionate relationship than lasted about 8 months buy we argued too much about a lot of things. We got into arguments and I said some things that i shouldn't have (and she admitted she did things she shouldn't have) but now she acts like I'm the biggest criminal on the face of the earth.

She could never break up with me in person, (she tried once and saw me said and we ended up making up), but then the arguments continued until she continually threatened to file for harassment against me for "bothering her" for at least 10 times. Because i wanted closure for her and she kept blocking numbers I would get to talk to her because she couldn't event talk in person.

So now it has been a month since the breakup and nothing has changed. We've talked once but she still acts like I'm the biggest criminal on the face of the earth but is still able to be friends with an ex that "ruined her life" because he cheated on her. But now Im the bad guy just because we both did things wrong...

Why is she acting like that?


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  • You cannot be friends with your ex. The only way you can is a lot of time has past. In this case no since she is still mad. The question is why do you care so much? If you want her back try ignoring her and not caring. If you dont want her back then don't let it bother you. Some girls hold grudges and will throw things in the past in your face. This means it still bothers her. You really just need to give her space and see if her behavior changes.

    • I don't think shell forget about it. She literally saves messages when I was mad a looks at them again. It's stupid.

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    • do you think she purposefully overreacting just to get rid of me?

    • Could be a little bit of both. Hard to say though.

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