Better off without him?

My ex boyfriend and I split up yesterday and it was a pretty overwhelming Break up but it was because we rarely talked or even saw each other. And when we did talk the was no proper engaging conversation, there was the basic how r u type of conversation but nothing entertaining. And I told him this and he said cause he's an adult his conversations are like the basic how r u type. And I said how can seriousness effect a conversation when I have adult friends which work, go to tafe and live out of home and they still manage to come up with an interesting conversation. At this point everything went downhill and I basically said I'm better off dating a wall. Then he started complaining about how hard he tried and how it wasn't good enough then he said no more chances we are done. And I'm like fine we're done. But then I though why was he giving me chances? He never told me what I did wrong in the relationship and how I could improve so how the hell was he giving me chances. We previously dated for 14 months then for 3 months, and I told him when we got back together that if we got to the point that we weren't talking, seeing each other, and stuff like calling me a friends with benefits (he called me a friends with benefits during our first break up) happens again we are over. I was the one picking him up on what he did wrong and how he could fix it so that our relationship worked and I tried my hardest to organise times to talk to him and see him but apparently my trying ain't worth shit. And I went to his house not last weekend but the one before it and he tried to initiate sex when I was obviously uncomfortable and I told him no, he tried 4 times. This got me pondering for a week if we should stay together then I concluded I'm better off without him. The last message I sent him was to basically say fuck u I hate u and then I blocked him on social media.
I have added a picture of the last text I have sent him.Better off without him?


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  • first off, good for you. this guy obviously wasn't putting in any effort to make the relationship work other than stuff he wanted like sex. This was a lost cause from the beginning that needed to end. Though the only thing I disagree with is you sending him one last message then blocking him. That is extremely childish to do. if you were done you should just move on and not waste time on something like that. Overall, πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘for sticking up for yourself and not putting up with bs.

    • I only sent that message out of anger, not out of sadness, I'm not sad nor do I miss him I'm just angry about how he treated me and the relationship we had. I'm usually more mature when it comes to things like this, but I was just so mad that I just blurted how I felt in an anger filled way

    • No need to explain, I completely understand. I've done the same thing, but all that does is just gives the other person something to hold on to and try and talk about later to you.

    • You just wanted to express your emotions one last time before you officially ended all contact.

  • he sounds like a 13 year old virgin πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • oh the things you dumb teens do on relationships. lol


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