Hello me and my girlfriend love each other but we have only seen each other a few times?

me and My Girl have been together for a while now but we have seen each other certain times and days and even though her parents don't want me near her or to visit her at her house is this a healthy relationship or should I do something about this


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  • Not exactly, but hey, sometimes, love supersedes all. Just be patient... and worst case comes to the worst... you guys can move in together... if the love is that strong...
    sometimes, its not.


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  • Remember - it's not about the quantity, it's about the quality. :)

  • why dont her parents like you?

    • her parents don't want me near her because they say that I am a bad example and that I am not good enough to be with her and care for her

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    • yeah, definetly.

    • yeah thanks any help counts

  • yes you should

    • you should get her phone number and do video chat with her

    • oh I have her cellphone number but that's all we do video chat and talk on the cellphone and text but we don't see each other in person or do things near each other

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