Asking out the girl of my dreams?

so i asked a girl out with flowers and she said yes then later on the phone she friendzoned me... and she's like lets just be friends short term of it and i said alright being friends is alright for me?(am i to mature for my age)? my parents think i am super matute


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  • High school is merciless, children are still developing and don't know what they want yet. Don't sweat the big things, there's nothing wrong with just being friends; if you liked and cared about her enough to want to date her then you should like and care about her enough to want to stay friends.

    • we are friends its all good homie :) the main question is am i to mature for my age (16)

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    • Well I can't say for you considering I don't know you, but I remember being 16 and thinking I was mature for my age; I'm 22 now and I'd think the 16 year old me was childish :p. But there's nothing wrong with being "too mature."

    • lol thanks 😄 have a great day

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