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My ex and I were dating for over 2 years. He broke up with me numerous times throughout the relationship. It was always for the same reasons like "he wasn't good enough for me, he was always hurting me and letting me down, I deserve better, his life is to fucked up, blah blah" Then would say I'll always love you and he's sorry. Then we would get back together a few days later cause he knew he knew he messed up by breaking up with me in the first place. We broke up again about 5 months ago, he said "he can tell I don't feel like same about him anymore and we should date other people" I was like ok wish you the best and then blocked him on everything because honestly I'm done with the emotional up and down bullshit it's to exhausting. About 3 months ago I unblocked him on everything and and some how we started chatting via Facebook. It was awkward small talk that lasted for a few days, I could tell we both wanted to talk about what happened since things ended badly but neither of us brought it up. I moved to Chicago and told him this and he was weird about it. He messaged me once after with small talk and I didn't reply. A week or 2 after he randomly blocked me on everything? I'm just confused because he has never blocked me ever, I don't want to get back together I don't think I'm just wondering why 5 months later he blocks me? The 3 months I had him blocked and NC was the first time I did that. Normally we would chat within the next few days after we broke up but I wasn't playing that game this time. Just want advice because I'm confused that I care now that I moved back home from Chicago.


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  • maybe he held a grudge against you for blocking him 5 months ago, but now when he finally got a chance to block you everywhere, he didn't held back. sometimes guys are like that but I think you shouldn't have blocked him everywhere. that's rude to be honest.

    • I know it was rude of me, it was nt done out of spite, I just didn't want to deal with the messages or texts from him days later. But thank you for your advice!

    • it's cool, I hope you find someone better in your life and it just Fullfills back with happiness :)

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  • one of two reasons
    1. he wants you to move on
    2. he already did
    3. he hid during your time-outs
    4. he did in the middle of your closeness
    5. he feared you commited 1, 3, or 4.
    6. he felt tol much distance. make a new account and chase him. then open up to him

  • Ok
    Move on and forget
    Him. And block him when u can
    He is still unstable

  • He moved on

  • whats the meaning of ex


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