The girl my boyfriend cheated on me with was also cheating on her girlfriend. Should I tell her gf?

So I caught my boyfriend texting and snapping this lesbian girl some pretty intimate messages. And apparently they had been meeting up too. But he just denied and denied. And said there's nothing going on and she's lesbian and it doesn't matter they're just friends. And that he respects her relationship.
But I'm sorry "just friends" don't text each other
You look gorgeous
You look amazing.
You're so beautiful
I miss you
I wanna see your face
I'm really attracted to you
I love you
I want to see you babe
I'd like to see you topless
I don't mind breaking the rules it's worth it

From what I read they had gone out at least 3 times that week.

He says her girlfriend doesn't care that they talk like that. I call bull****

Do you guys think I should go tell her? I know where she works.
My friend said it's not my business to tell her and they could have an open relationship or something.
I feel like she deserves to know though
I don't know if I should tell her in person or Facebook message her though


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What Guys Said 1

  • Potentially could be worse checking up on and you could be saving someone else from getting cheated on. Do whichever way makes you the most comfortable.


What Girls Said 2

  • As long as you're doing it because you feel that it is the right thing to do and aren't expecting any gratitude for your actions, then you should do it. There is a chance her girlfriend is in denial and doesn't want you to burst her bubble, so she may not thank you for telling her. Personally, I would tell her, she isn't a friend so I have no friendship to lose by telling her and if I was in her situation, I'd want to know. If she knew and is okay with it, then well, no harm done. If she didn't know, even if she didn't want her bubble bursted, she would have eventually found out and it's not something she can hide from forever, most likely if she's not okay with it then she'd want to know, if she gets upset at you, once again you don't lose anything because you guys weren't friends to begin with.

    I would probably facebook message her (assuming you guys are friends on facebook, if you're not friends, she may or may not see/read the message and in that case, I'd probably tell her in person).

  • Why not don't see any loss!


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