Why Does He Treat Me Different?

when he hugged me his face was touching mine and we hug longer now than before like i don't know why he's been acting different. He always hugs me Twicethen he said he was like I was worried about me And was about to text me because I took some days off work he was thinking about where I was and how I was doing then he said he was about to call me because I haven't been there and he shook my hand for like 10 minutes and then we hugged and then he said he was going to come back to check on me and he said I looked nice and he said everything will be okay when I told him my grandmother passed away. And he always comes close to me and looks at me a lot. He holds my hand for a long time while talking to me. He does that lingering handshake all the time when we are alone he says he is happy I am
happy almost all the time. And his voice changes around me he had a lower deeper voice and I m alway wondering why he is so different towards me. Like why does his mood change around me he gets all excited and I don't know what to think of this. He says he was also worried about one time and was going to call me. But I was gone for a while and were just friends so I didn't think he would be so worried. He looks at me when I pass by too so that's why I am wondering he's being like this.


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  • he. likes. you.


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  • That's usually a sign he's messing around with another man


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