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we were together but he didn't want a relationship so whenever we got close he started freaking out and would call things off. a couple weeks ago he said he no longer wanted to talk to me and we both needed to move on. his friend told me that he's acting this way because he's afraid of getting hurt because his ex hurt him. we hooked up twice since things ended but he says its a booty call.. but his friend said he would never just hook up with a girl. after we hooked up 3 days ago he said he was gonna miss me in the morning cause I had to leave but I haven't heard from him since. is it common for guys to act this way when they are afraid of getting hurt? what can I do?


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  • If you don't want to be hurt you can avoid geting emotionally involved sometimes people date people they don't like so they won't fall for them, just fwb...

    • The emotional attachment is already there. is there anything I can do? I miss him I want things to go back to what it was

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