My boyfriend is going through an awful divorce. I am not sure what to do?

My boyfriend is going through an awful divorce. We have been very close, recently I have been increasing stressed listening to all of the outcome of mediation, harassing texts from her and the fact she keeps stopping him from seeing his kids. I have told her it's effecting me but 2 days ago we argued with discussing the proceeding. It put me in an awful mood and he left, I haven't heard from him since. He normally texts everyday. I sent an apology and left a voicemail saying I miss him. I don't know what to do?


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  • You're an idiot. Never ever get with someone going through a divorce or getting out of a long-term relationship. You're nothing but a rebound and will never work and he's a proven cheater so how will you ever trust him to not do the same to you?


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