How can I let him go?

I broke up with my ex five months ago and we haven`t talked since. I still think about him every day and I am still in love with him, but he has moved on and he seems okay. I am glad that he is okay but I just feel it is my turn now... I have problems letting go because, strangely, I still have hope and I feel like I don`t want to let him go. Sorry for silly question.


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  • I'm in a similar situation, I was fine straight away, I initiated the break up as he moved abroad for s year, it was too hard to keep it going without seeing eachother even if we FaceTimed each other every day - it's not the same. Now it's starting to hit home, but I think what you miss is the company, not him? You miss everything you did together, being around him, his smell, kissing him, but not him. That's my take on it anyway! Hope it helps and you find someone soon, we all deserve to be happy :)

    • Thanks a lot, that does make sense it makes me feel better. :)

    • No problem! Glad I could help! :)

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  • Dude... I can understand your problem but some time its best to do. Always try to be busy like work n all if something else u interested to do, give your full time and it's proved fact is at that time interested work you can do continuously without any tiredness so keep it..

  • some times you just got to let go walk away build allover again


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