I need w a boy?

Ok so i hooked up with this guy and we were a thing but a few days after we hooked up he said that we should end our thing. The guy told my friend. That he had never felt
This way about any other girl but he still ended it after we hooked up and today he snapchatted me and bought up that we hooked up and I'm just confused why did he do that? I think he still likes me because he had told me many times he has never felt this way about any other girl and he said he loves me


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  • Before guys think of actually being with a person they think of rejection. He might be afraid of having something good then getting rejected. There is also a chance that he is might be working on another relationship with someone and is confused on who to pick

  • You got played, simple as that. Guys say all sorts of shit they don't necessarily mean (including crap like "I love you"), whatever is necessary to get you to drop your pants. Once that's done it's usually mission accomplished, on to the next challenge unless you are particularly good at some sexual thing (good enough at it and some guys call you a keeper).

  • Honestly I'm in a similar situation. I hooked up with this girl multiple times and I wanted something more and she didn't so l ended it. I still have feelings for her but it's better to end it early cuz it took a hit on me emotionally.


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