He apologized with I think I made a mistake?

How would feel with that kind of stupid text? I didn't know how to respond what did he mean?


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  • Say what?

    • Ex pissed me off by hanging up on me and 3 days later he texted "" ... I think I made a mistake. I apologize if I hurt you.
      I didn't reply I hate that it was over text , and I was furious and des pressed

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    • He's not sorry huh?

    • He hangs up on you and then it takes him THREE days to offer a half-baked apology. Sorry, my ass. He could care less.

What Girls Said 2

  • Sorry can you say that in a way that we can understand it?

  • He should know not think

    • Right so true. I'm hurt like waking up middle of night just lost pain bleedin or mental break down

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    • I'm hurt why did he do this to me?

    • Guys realize what they did wrong in the end

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