Do you I have a chance at getting him back?

My boyfriend of a year and a half broke up with me about a week ago because he had said that for months he has been bombarded with thoughts that we just weren't going to work out. He said he tried to push the thoughts aside but he couldn't so he just had to end it. We talked a few days after so I had time to calm down and he told me that he loves me so much and really does want to be with me but his thoughts are greatly preventing it and they just won't change. He is very adamant about us not getting back together ever but I still have hope I mean he was the love of my life and we really had no problems except the average arguments couples had but we always were able to solve those by just talking them out. I'm doing no contact for a month to let him really figure hisself out and also to give myself some time to just heal from it but regardless Ik that after the nc is up I'm going to want him back.. will I have a chance?


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