Girlfriend just broke up with me, for something I never did, and it's killing me.

Really upset at the moment, so can't think straight. I tried so hard to get her to trust me, I loved her so f***ing much, I'm hurting so much, I only wanted to spend my life with her, she was at my house all last week and we had a great time, one of the happiest times of my life, and now we're finished. For apparently being a liar, for being a guy that will eventually hurt her, or cheat on her or some sh*t like that.

I'm so hurt, I f***ing knew someone loving me was too good to be true :'(. I kept my virginity, and stayed single until I was 25 hoping I would meet the perfect woman, and I thought I found her, I can't believe I was so naive to think someone could even love a person like me :/ :(.

Now that I'm a little calmer, a lot of it is also down to me getting really angry and stressed about small things too, but I've not been my self for a few months now, I always offered her to help me become a better boyfriend.
talking to her about it now, hopefully it can be resolved, I need to fix stuff about my self too, it's not her fault, it's both of us lately.


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  • Oh, I'm so sorry. Some people(not just women), have conflictions or trust issues. I myself have trust issues, and that barrier is something that is so hard to break through. I want to trust my boyfriend, the man I love with all my heart. But one sour word from a friend or family member...Or even just a suspiscious act, I break down.

    Part of it is the society in which we live today. Men are made out to be cheaters, and every mother teaches her daughter not to settle for someone who lies, that they will repeat the same bad things over and over again. We're so scared that our relationships will end badly that the slightest slip up becomes a major red flag. The best idea I can come up with for why she did it was that she was frightened, you may have lied about being somewhere(harmless maybe) or maybe you didn't but that's what she construed it as and that instantly triggered in her mind the thought that you were with another person. Now, besides the fact you may not have been, and told her this, that thought will forever linger in her mind.

    So, despite the fact that she cares about you, and loves you, her instincts are to leave before she gets locked into something potentially horrible. Unfortunately, most women over think things. We take one tinsy tiny thought and blow it out of proportion.

    I say your best bet is to calm down, take your time to get back to the state where you can talk to her again. Call her up, query why she left you, and don't take 'You should know!' for an answer. Sometimees we get defensive because we want you to feel the same pain we feel. Maybe send her emails, or letters by snail mail. Don't get hostile, just try to re-establish communication again and discuss why the relationship ended.

    And you weren't naive, you were just hopeful and saw something that could possibly bloom into a wonderful future. Who knows? Maybe it was a mistake on her part, you just need to breathe and talk to her. Communication and honesty are key parts of a relationship. Everyone deserves love, and everyone is and will be loved by one or more people in their lives. Unfortunately, love must follow the rules of time, so while the hours tick away, so does one's self-esteem. You just have to be resilient. Tell yourself how awesome you are, or go out and find someone who will if things don't work out. I wish you the best of luck, take care~

    • Oh, I'm glad that you're talking things out. Talking usually helps the pain go way. I wish you two the best of luck~

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  • What did she accuse you of lying about?

    No offense, but it sounds like this girl has some trust issues that go way beyond you.

  • i don't know man girls are weird. read this I guess: link


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