Ex Came Back After 3 Months?

My ex broke my heart a couple months ago & just when I started doing good he popped back up into my life. I don't know why I gave in we met up talked & he never admitted to anything or really said sorry. Couple days later I sleep with him I know dumb right but I really wanted to have sex as well. Now we've been fighting a lot he was very sick with a stomach ulcer & I nagged him I feel so bad cause I just couldn't trust he was telling the truth then he showed me his docs papers I feel like a stupid bitch. Now he asked me out on a date & I said of course I would love to then he went to talk about sex that lead me to ask what was his intentions? did he just want to have fun or get back together one day? we'll he just replied & he said he just wants fun & to work on getting back together I'm crushed because to him fun means sex & I always felt like that's the only reason he stuck with me I love him lord knows I do but I can't be that fun girl anymore I want kids I want a husband I want to be truly loved I'm 26!!! but every time I tell him it's over I unblock him & beg for him back I'm so weak he even called me that & called me a coward for running so my question is do u think I should just block him & not say anything else if that's not what I want even though I kinda lied & said I'll be ok with it just to see what he says or should I tell him I don't feel like starting over with him I'd rather try to find someone new he's my first love but we hurt eachother a lot cause I know I'm not perfect should I still at least just go on the date? & see how it goes? he's always on my mind I don't know why I'm so obsessed with him why can't I just be happy alone I was getting there then he pops back up REALLY? I just want to be my normal self again not this emotional wreck I've been the last couple months I honestly believe he only asked me out to butter me up to have sex I don't think it was ever just to hang out with me... what should I do? Stay or Run


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What Guys Said 2

  • He met someone else while dating you and the girl most likely dumped him. He realized he made a shitty choice because he's an idiot. Don't let him come back

    • Yeah he left me for his ex I cried everyday & still do he swears me up & down he didn't but as soon as she came back he disappeared he claims he missed me & he was so depressed that he tried cocaine but keeps showing me all of his vegas pics & etc etc doesn't look like he missed me a bit I just don't know how to let go he's the only man I've ever loved but thanks for the advice & taking the time to read I really appreciate it

    • If he left you before, odds are he'll do it again. He might be the guy you loved but he left you, he never loved you like you loved him. (Sorry if that sounds shitty)

What Girls Said 1

  • I'm sorry but I didn't even had to read it, just with the title is enough. Honestly don't do it. You are way better without someone who broke your little heart. I know exs are a big part of our lives but girl you are way better than anything! You are worth way more than just a guy who tried to hurt you. I know it can suck but it will be worth it


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