Is it OK to be dead inside even after 9months of breakup?


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  • Yes coz after a breakup you go through a grieving process , coz you feel a sense of loss , so it can take a long time to accept the breakup up. Sometimes you have to force yourself to move on despite your pain


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  • Dead to what though? it just means you are obsessed and aren't trying. Contrary to popular believe, there isn't just ONE person for everyone... we all make ours. The only reason you will feel dead is if you believed in that nonsense.

    • thanks mate :)

    • I was gonna say something but man you hit the mark

    • @IphantomI and @WMihir i wasn't saying that to make you feel better... that IS the truth. I understand what its like to love and lose.. coming from the fact that guys dont even love that hard... but to lose one that you did... that shit stings...
      BUT.. there is always another girl willing to appease that feeling... just find her.

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  • Yes it shows how much you cared for the person. Best thing you can do for yourself though is to remind yourself why it ended.

  • Probably is okay.
    I have been dead inside for 38 years.


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