How do I take my mind off of things?

I just got out of a relationship and I usually just deal with it, cry, eat ice cream, burn their shit, swear off men for 70yrs etc but I'm kinda tired of crying and feeling at a lost why they move on so any tips on things to do to take my mind off of it and move on? I'm not really good at it despite my age


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What Guys Said 1

  • Just hang our with your girlfriend. It will get your mind on other things.

    • Not to sound like a loser... but I don't have friends 😂😂

    • That made you sound like a loser. But I'm with you! xD

      Go shopping. Treat yourself something nice, like a manicure/pedicure (or whatever it is called). Maybe get a massage etc.

      Focus on yourself and what you want to do.

    • hey I'm cool just too cool😉😂 tbh I don't think I ever have I've never been a girly girl but I think I will thank you ☺

What Girls Said 2

  • I know what you are going through. Just got out of a relationship literally five days ago lol. I jut keep myself busy. And watch things hat make me laugh he funny vine videos. And talk on the phone with my friends and such

    • their loss girl thank you its nice to have someone try to help me 😂😂

  • Reading your reply to the other opinion, girl I'm right there with ya xD Try art or exercising to take your mind off of it.. (I clearly lean more towards art though I should try exercising more >3>) maybe pick up a good book or go take a dancing class :ooooooo (that sounds fun I should do that x3) but seriously just fond something fun to do, but something non destructive, that's bad for your health ;u

    • the day my fat ass exercises will be the day pigs fly😂😂 you're so nice! Thank you I think imma go out dancing I'm trying to keep myself from trouble and contact with another man lol and I recommend dance classes I've never been but I'd love to teach one day it's good for your health and it's fuuuuunn

    • aw, thank ya ^^ it won't let me see the rest of your reply. But it's great that you're gonna try dance :D I'd sign up for a class if I could afford it x3 and yea, after a breakup hooking up with some rando is never a good option xD

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