Could this be the reason?

My ex boyfriends dad is in jail.. he was also in trouble a lot with the law himself.. he really liked me before we started dating and then he stopped talking to me randomly one day and I didn't hear from him for 6 months. we started talking again and then he asked me to be his girlfriend, a couple days after he asked me to be his girlfriend he stopped talking to me randomly again. and I know he does this to other girls too.. could it be because his dad is in jail and something is psychologically wrong with him?


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  • Probably. Regardless you should stay away from this guy. He's only going to break your heart.


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  • Humm seems to me that this guy is destracted with something on his mind I've seen it before my friend is the same way when something happened he told me about it then when I would call he will ignore me until the problem is fixed that's what he is probably doing I got use to it, its because when something happens and there in a deep hole in the ground they have to try to fix it even if they have to drop friends and family for a while...then after they find a way they will tell you what went wrong my friend and I had talked and I told him I am here for you I will always be here for you I put up with you for 7yrs and I will put up with you for years to come when something comes up you call me and we will face it together I know its your problem but I will be right there with you while you face it remeber friends first and in your case girlfriend so don't be that worried about it he has to learn how to control his emotions when something happens

    • That makes a lot of sense actually.. because when he stopped talking to me for the 6 months he started a fire in his house and his family had to move into a hotel. and recently when we started dating and ignored me, he got kicked out of his house. but I think I messed it up being the needy girlfriend, asking him why he wasn't calling me etc., we still talk though but I doubt there's anything there. thanks a lot though you really helped me :)

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