If he loved me why did he break up with me?

I was dating this guy from 8 months.. everything was good. But he has a lot of family issues going on.. im 23 and he's 22. When he first moved out here he was promised a raise but never got it from him job so he's moving away to help his family out. He wrote me a broke up lette telling me he will always love me but the timing of this relationship was bad.. i moved out his house and he said I made the house alive now its all dead.. he told me to hold on tight on him and dont let him go.. its hard. I really do love him. We are on good terms but it just sucks.. he made me love myself. He still wants to hang out.. he's leaving in a month. But i feel it awkward when we hang out. He kisses me and says he will never change.

he told me he hasn't ate in a couple days and he's been mean to other after breaking up with me.. he even told his sister we were still together cuhs he didn't know what to tell her..


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  • Being an outsider..

    Sounds like he's all over the place and it's going to be chaotic to date this guy.

    If a girl told me she loved me and then said we have to break up and summed it up as "but the timing of this relationship was bad.. " with vague explanations after and then a roller coaster trail of ups and downs after?

    Forget it, life's too short to be with wishy washy person. You either want to be with me or you don't... and if you're not sure then hey, talk to be in 3-5 years and if i'm available... then who knows.

    • Yeah.. he very unstable.. and i think that has someting to do with it

    • " Yeah.. he very unstable.. and i think that has someting to do with it "

      Yes, i know it's easy for me to sit here and say "move on" but.. from the tid bit above, there's more exciting ventures to start :)

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  • It's just a time in his life where he's going through hard times and he wants to do it himself. It feels more personal to him so he doesn't want you to get involved. This could mean that after he is done with this problem that he might come back to you but it might be best just to move on because who knows how long it would take before he recovers.

  • What's your heart saying dear?


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