After that aal that drama and hurt how do I learn to trust again?

After some nasty drama. I have started watching who and who ain't can't trust. As far as I have noticed no one really wants to be trusted and no one is reliable. When I watch people I am accounting for the occasional mistake and screw up. However I still can't seem to find any one who I want to risk trusting again.


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  • i have the same issue here dude, let me just tell you something
    all of the bad experiences, tge tough break ups, the betrayal, they will all help forge a new you
    someone who will know when to trust and when not to
    it's not easy getting over this but the first step is to accept yourself as you are, to trust your judments and your heart to a full 100%
    because tgen you'll be at peace with yourself and change completely from what you were

    • But I don't want to change from who I was. I was at a point where I was happy with who I was for once. Now I miss it and wish that I could go back to it even though I can't.

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    • Well it was not blindly. It was more like I trusted the wrong people after they showed me that they could be trusted.
      I trusted people a lot easier. Now I lose all trust when people flake or show that they are not reliable and they never really get it back. Though I doubt they are working on it.

    • these things are the reason why I wanted to change
      so that i won't make stupid decisions again and trust myself a bit more
      maybe you want to go back to what you were
      but when you'll want to change to the better good, that's when you'll know that you are ready to make big changes in your life

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  • Its about who you let in. First you have to happy with just yourself. Then you will understand who can be trusted. My ex wife turned out to be a lesbian. It took a bit to realize things. Some years later, I know myself and i choose who i want to love. Its a tough process, but it will happen. Read some books on manipulation, or some body language stuff.

    • Ouch that had to be tough to get over.
      I have read and I thought I knew body language but some how when ever I have some one figured out. It turns out that I'm wrong. The only thing that I have been able to trust is my gut.

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    • learning that is the key.

    • Well the interesting thing is no one really ever asks deeper than the surface so, I'm not really hiding anything. It is just that no one is asking and I'm not sharing.

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