How do I get over a break up?

I don't know how to get over a break up and I feel like death. My chest hurts and I cry non stop.. I don't know what to. Please help.


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  • There's always fish in the sea.
    Every girl is special in their own way,
    Like you or me.

    Keep your head held high so the next guy can see your pretty face when they walk by.

    The feeling in your chest is just life testing how strong you can really be. And here you are still as pretty as yesterday or the day before.
    Please don't shed anymore tears it only hurts the ones that love you to see you like this.

    There's plenty of fish 🐋

    The physical attraction of two human beings that are suppose to be together will be brought to each other in time.

    Have patience and confidence that the man that's truly suppose to be with you will find his way to you one day.

    For now go spoil yourself you deserve it ☺ when a man sees a happy girl he will want to be happy with you.


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  • just go for another relationship
    a true one..


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  • you will get over this - in a matter of days, weeks or months you will feel like yourself again.

  • Find something to do it's really hard

  • It's is hard when you love someone so much and you lose them just try hard to think about how many better people there are out there maybe you can find someone slot better just try hard to keep your mind off of him


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