What does it mean he likes hanging out with you as friends?


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  • Don't rush it might turn into something God says "I didn't create the earth one day"

    • I just don't believe a man and woman can "just be friends." Attraction gets in the way. He body language doesn't say "friendship"- blushing, fidgeting and preening. I'm friends with females and gay males but not just males.

    • My girlfriend met on app I'm sure your time will come if it doesn't it's his loss

  • it means he is flirty... just want to time pass..

    • I'm confused because I don't believe the opposite sex can "just be friends." Attraction get in the way and his behavior around me shows that. Feelings can develop. What do you think?

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    • He's not because his body language doesn't match his words.

    • then defiantly fake guy

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